Just in time with efficient cutting-to-size facilities, Heitmann Stahlhandel locations each
have different processing capabilities and know-how.

HEITMANN Stahlhandel



CNC autogenous plasma and laser flame cut parts.
Produced according to your drawings / digital template

Burn-cut shape sizes:
Width up to 4500 mm / Length up to 1600 mm / Thickness 5 - 300 mm
Bevelling of sheet metal parts and cuts upon reques


Abrasive blasting / descaling

Plasma signing

Laser marking

US Inspection

Z Testing


Sawing – cutting lengths / mitring


Centrically bar dividing

HEITMANN Stahlhandel



Laser cutting

Sawing – cutting lengths / mitring



HEITMANN Stahlhandel



Sawing / Cutting lengths / Mitring


Cutting and bending (Concrete steel and mesh)

Gas cutting from drawings / data file (up to 150 mm plate thickness)

Abrasive blasting

Small metal work

HEITMANN Stahl + Metall



Water jet cutting
Material friendly processing: Rings / Round plates / Squares /
Contour Metals / Steel/ Stainless steel/ Plastic / Rubber/ Glass / Marble …

Laser cutting
2 Laser systems up to 6 KW / Precision according to your specifications
Black stained steel /Stainless steel / galvanised and cold sheet metal

Gas cutting
2 cutting systems/ Production according to your drawings or digital format
Quarto plates /non-alloy construction steel, pressure tank steel, fine-grained steel, heat-treatable steel
On request mechanical edge processing (grinding and polishing)

Sand blasting
Widths up to 3000 mm

Ultrasonic inspection
As well as mechanical, further technological, metallografical, chemical und non-destructive material inspections

Circular saw
Round plates and rings from copper, brass, and aluminium.
Maximum thickness of 300 mm, maximum diameter 1500 mm

Panel saw
3 panel saws, copper, brass, aluminium
Maximum thickness of 300 mm, maximum width of 4100 mm
Tolerance according to ISO 2768 closer tolerance upon consultation


Deep-hole drilling



Gusstahl Unna



Sawing / until 1050 mm Ø



Deep-hole drilling

Ultra-sonic testing

Centrically drilling of sawn parts

Material testing according to specifications

Heat treatment

Just in time with efficient
cutting-to-size facilities

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